For reasons that will be apparent to readers of Conspiracy, author Casey Alden has decided to remain incognito, but has prepared the following statement:

For most of my life I have been a writer and a watcher. As many writers do,when I was very young I began keeping a journal of daily events, making notations about the people, places, and things that I encountered in my daily life, simply because they fascinated me.  I began reading at a very early age, and by the time I was five years old I could easily read and comprehend  the newspaper articles which were left casually lying around by my family members. I began noticing the odd, unresolved stories and soon found myself intrigued by them. So many stories conflicted with each other. A story might be begun and then abandoned without ever revealing the outcome. Facts were not consistent. Reports in one newspaper differed from those in another. How could that be, I wondered?  The search for answers led me to years of research and data gathering, not with any particular goal in mind, just a search for truth, for then I believed that truth could still be found. In those years of searching, I have uncovered things that baffle and terrify me. I am astounded at how little the average person actually sees, even when the facts are right in front of him.  All the things I have written in Conspiracy are plainly visible for all to see if you just look with clear eyes. I now know it is not the fault of the average person that he does not easily see the truth. The average person is not stupid; the average person is brilliantly manipulated and controlled to the extent that it is an accepted way of life. I wrote Conspiracy for those of you who, in your gut, know something is not right. Those who think things are fine will never understand it. But those of you with the unanswered questions and the sure knowledge that something shadowy and evil is lurking just below the surface, perhaps there are enough of you to still make a change. I choose to remain incognito to protect myself. That much, I have learned. If threatened, these people will stop at nothing. Is Casey Alden my real name? Of course not. I have gone to great lengths to conceal my true identity. It is hard to locate a shadow among other shadows.

– CA –