Cherie Fehrman has had a lifelong love of canines which led her to do volunteer work at an informal wolf preserve when she lived in Canada. She was a founding member of Saluki Protection Association (SPA) and founding President of STOLA – Saluki Tree of Life Alliance where she developed the Affection Training Method for working with  abused Saluki hounds. Before long it became evident that an even broader base of information was necessary, not just for the new Saluki owner, but for the seasoned Saluki fancier also. She continued her study of canine behavior with Gwen Bohnenkamp (former animal behaviorist of the San Francisco SPCA) as well as adapting the methods of noted animal behaviorist and veterinarian, Dr. Ian Dunbar who developed the Sirius Puppy Training method. This training has been used with great success on most dog breeds, and is particularly suited to the needs of Salukis and other sighthound breeds. When STOLA began, there was little if any really useful information in books relating to training or living with sighthounds, which is what led to Only Angels which has been specifically developed for their needs. Cherie has written several books and hundreds of articles in the field of  color and design a as well as four novels. She was a finalist in the Dog Writers of America awards for  an article on animal hoarding. She is certified in canine emergency first aid and CPR. All proceeds from the sale of Only Angels will be donated to STOLA’s Saluki Rescue program.